Amsterdam Day 5: Fish Salad

Technically not my meal, but I did try a bite or two, so I feel qualified to post about it. I didn’t know salad could taste this good – it was like the best part of sushi combined with the best parts of a fruit salad.

Amsterdam Day 4: Bitterballen

We’d been told good things about bitterballen and ordered a few at the Winkel 43 restaurant. From what we could tell, they were fried balls of mashed potato with various meats mixed in, like a croquette. From what else we could tell, they were also delicious and we want to make them at home.

Amsterdam Day 2: Hot Dogs

We went to a cozy place named Bulls and Dogs to try out their fare – the hot dogs were delicious, and had a lot of variety. It took a lot of effort to not make a mess from how stuffed full of ingredients they were. The corn on the cob was weaker but we’re spoiled being from the Midwest. Fries served with mayo is just something we had to get used to as well.

Amsterdam Day 1: Pasta

We got back recently from a 5-day trip to Amsterdam – I’ll share the best meal from each day.

This came from a restaurant where the entire menu was in Dutch, so I’m not sure the actual title of the dish – but it was a tasty pasta with some veggies mixed in. Very pretty arrangements and nice atmosphere too – we were the only guests in the building.

Muramoto – Sushi Platter

We’ve been to Muramoto a few times so far with friends and it’s always been a great experience. We order an assortment of the different types of sushi so everyone gets to try a little of each.

The Duck and Tarantula rolls were the notable winners of our impromptu taste test, so they’ll probably be on the list the next time we visit.