Creme Brulee

To help celebrate our anniversary, we made our favorite dessert at home for the first time – Creme Brulee. It was one of the longest recipes we’ve made with lots of waiting, but we stuck it out and finalized our creation by 1am. It was totally worth it and we might wind up making these pretty often now that we have the power.

Using our new cooking torch we gave the top a crispy layer of caramelized sugar, which is the signature aspect of a creme brulee. We could have gone crispier here, but that just means we’ll need to make some more.

Amsterdam Day 3: Drinks

We made our way to the lounge at the top of the DoubleTree and had a taste of these fancy drinks. A tall glass of tequila and syrup on the left, a fruitier mixture on the right. They were tasty, but not that strong – a little inspiration towards starting a drink mixing section of the blog, but for now we’ll stick with food.

Tasty Wontons for the Lunar New Year

In order to celebrate the Lunar New Year, and since we were in the mood to fry some food, we threw together a couple plates of fried wontons. They’re stuffed with pork and celery, and sprinkled with sugar. A great snack which can easily turn into a meal if you eat too many.